Diet and Nutrition

A really big part of maintaining a good state of health is in eating a nutritious diet of fresh, wholesome food that is in harmony with well being and healthfulness. It goes way beyond merely dieting to lose weight or get back in shape if you've become overweight, flabby or just out of shape, but extends into the very core of the body's needs to function correctly.

This section deals with diet and nutrition and how, when maintained in the correct balance can do wonders for more than just the physical appearance. It also helps with how a person feels inside, how well they cope with the stresses and strain of life and how they age.

Dieting to Live

The reason we eat is to give our bodies the fuel they need in order to perform all their normal functions and more basically, to enable us to actually stay alive!

In the West, it almost seems that we have forgotten this small detail. We seem to be helplessly allowing the big food processing and manufacturing companies to feed us a diet of artificial additive and sugar stuffed junk food that tastes good and fills us up but does nothing for our health.

It doesn't need to be this way, of course. Those more enlightened souls have realized what is going on in the business of food production and are shunning the pre-packaged, ready-to-eat junk servings that pack the supermarket shelves.

The health-conscious are turning back to fresh foods in an attempt to buck the trend and reclaim their health. We're buying fresh fruit and vegetables that come from organic growers so we can avoid the massive overload of pesticides and GMO poisons that are threatening our species and with extinction by obesity and ill health.

While that may sound a little scary and threatening, I'm afraid I can make no apologies for what is reality that most people are either just not seeing or is being hidden from view so cleverly, only a few in every hundred even knows about it.

However, this is a subject I will get into in more detail in its own dedicated article (title listed below this one), since this is meant to be an overview of food and how nutritious it needs to be for us to be healthy. Now let's look at what most people see dieting as, which is a means of shedding excess pounds put on through wrong eating.

Dieting for Healthy Weight Loss

What is it about the particular diet that you have just placed yourself on to try and lose some of that excess weight that you have probably needed to shed for some time now that is going to make it a success for you? It really boils down to individual tastes, needs and likes/dislikes. So what is it in the diet that you have chosen that makes it the right one for you?

Knowing the answer to that question is pretty important if you are to succeed with your chosen diet plan. Some people prefer to go with diet food delivery plans that are convenient and easy to work with, while others prefer more control over what they eat and prefer to do it all by themselves.

There area myriad of choices in between those two ends of the spectrum, so it really does come down to what you like and what you need.

The food itself is of great importance regardless of how convenient it is or is not, because if you don't like what you're eating, what do you suppose the chances are of you continuing the diet to its successful completion? Pretty low, I would imagine.

Criteria for Dieting Success

On the other hand, there are some simple criteria that will dictate the overall success rate of any particular program. If:

Then you have a great diet that you are in all likelihood going to stay on and lose weight very successfully. There are some other questions you could ask of any potential program before you get started on it, such as:

Is the program one of those that makes great claims that you will lose weight fast? Or, does it claim to work best when taken at a slow and measured pace?

What to Watch For

Fast diets are all well and good and can actually produce some stunning short term results. But the rule of thumb is that the faster you lose the weight, it often means the faster you will put it back when you stop dieting.

Such programs that offer really fast rates of weight reduction should be scrutinized closely before considering them as potential solutions. Claims may be over inflated or simply untrue.

It pays to know and understand what your diet is all about before you decide that it's right for you. That way you will at least be giving yourself the chance of succeeding where ignorance of the workings of a diet can be a recipe for disaster!

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