Educating the Metabolism

While it may seem like a strange concept, the body's metabolism is a natural function that operates adequately without a person really needing to interfere in any conscious way. For most people, it's just one more aspect of their body's life-systems that generally gets ignored.

While this is perfectly workable for most people, there are some who through certain circumstances have allowed their metabolism to become sluggish and inefficient. The net result is that person joining the ever lengthening statistic that is society's overweight sector of the population.

The Good News

The good news is that the metabolism can be educated to work more efficiently through a series of activities, diet and lifestyle changes. Like many of the body's unconsciously run processes, the metabolism is governed by the subconscious part of the mind and that can be influenced by conscious decisions and actions.

For instance, the initiation of a daily exercise program and the gradual increase of the amount of exertion undertaken will have a knock on effect on the metabolism. It will do this by forcing the metabolism to increase its pace to match the increased workload experienced by the physical body.

Metabolizing Food

Likewise, a change of diet to a more healthy or low calorie option such as the kind provided by diet programs like Nutrisystem, Medifast or Jenny Craig or a healthier alternative as obtained from a professional nutritionist or diet expert will similarly cause the metabolism to increase efficiency. This happens through being forced to deal with a different set of foods to digest and process.

By removing high glycemic carbohydrates from the diet that were causing the sluggishness and lethargy and replacing them with more proteins and fiber, the metabolic process is given a jump start. It also helps to normalize blood sugar levels, reducing the work load on the liver and stabilizing the production of insulin.

Danger: Sugar!

sugar metabolismA real problem faced by many dieters is their intake of refined sugar or sugar substitutes found in many packaged, canned or processed foods. This sweetener provides a lot of empty calories that the body merely converts into stored fat because it can't metabolize it into usable energy fast enough unless the person is a high level exerciser or athlete.

Refined sugar or its substitutes are metabolized in the body somewhat differently to the more wholesome, natural sugars found in fruit and vegetables. However, it is still possible to gain weight by eating too much fruit and not doing enough exercise to burn off the excess energy.

Limiting sugar intake is a key to improving the body's ability to metabolize food more efficiently. When that diet is combined with drinking more plain water and the omission of unhealthy soda drinks, the combination can make a marked improvement in the way the body burns energy and its reduction in stored fat.

The physical changes that a person makes to their lifestyle, diet and activity levels teach the metabolism through repetition to increase its work rate and efficiency. This is the real way to improve health and reduce excess fat storage in the body by teaching the body's natural power plant to do its job more efficiently for the benefit of the person and a greater level of overall well being.

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